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Welcome to the Southland Land Rover Club

We aim to promote and improve Four Wheel Drive activities and to ensure access to both private and public land for our members and to promote Four Wheel Driving as a valid and accepted form of recreation.

The Southland Land Rover Club was formed in 1971 by a group of enthusiastic 4WDers, some of whom are still members of the club today.

We are primarily a family orientated club, catering for 4WD trips to areas not easily reached other than by 4WD vehicles. We try to cater for different levels of driving skills, from easy (shiny) to more challenging tracks for the medium to the more experienced and up to competition level like the Winch Challenge event.

Our Aims and Objectives are

  • Fostering four wheel drive activities that enhance members’ clubs activities
  • Actively seeking better access to land for members’ clubs and collectively acting together on behalf of members’ clubs that are involved with access problems
  • Supporting national groups when lobbying on issues that benefit four wheel driving and members’ clubs including, but not limited to, access issues.
  • Providing a central voice for promoting and enhancing four wheel driving in general on behalf of members’ clubs
  • Educating the public and four-wheel drivers on safe four wheel driving that follows the “Tread lightly” principles
  • Promoting friendship and goodwill amongst all owners of four wheel drive vehicles with emphasis on promoting club membership
  • To seek out, promote and present opportunities to members’ clubs that utilise the combined clubs membership

Join a great team

If you own a 4WD vehicle, you soon realise the variety of opportunities that become available for discovering the outdoors. Nature beckons and your 4WD can provide the means of allowing you and your family to enjoy the adventure and scenery that exists beyond the main highways of New Zealand.

The Southland Land Rover Club encourage the responsible use of 4WD vehicles and to advocate for their use on public and private lands. As a member, you become an integral part of this effort to ensure that present and future generations can continue to enjoy our country in 4WD vehicles.

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