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The Essential Gear List

  • remove tow-ball
  • tow hooks/clevis (on front and rear)
  • recovery strop/joining stick
  • rated ‘D’ or bow shackle
  • shovel/spade
  • basic tool kit/vehicle spares
  • spark arrestor
  • fire extinguisher
  • jack and jack base of wood or steel
  • radiator blind/sack
  • torch
  • strong footwear
  • soap/towel/toilet paper
  • water in container
  • first aid kit
  • valid driver’s license
  • third party insurance (minimum required)
  • current registration and warrant of fitness
  • self sufficient overnight equipment when required

For further information on any trip, contact trip leader.
If you haven’t got it, you shouldn’t be on club trips.
Please make sure that any guests you bring are equipped with the required safety gear and abide by the Club rules.