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By-Laws and Convoy Rules

  1. Trip Leader is empowered and responsible for the days activities.
  2. No dogs are permitted on any Club outings.
  3. No firearms are permitted on any Club outings.
  4. No alcohol shall be consumed during a trip.
  5. The Trip Leader shall determine the beginning and the end of the run.
  6. The following gate closing procedure shall be observed on all Club outings:
    a) The first vehicle shall be Trip Leader.
    b) The last vehicle shall be Tail End Charlie.
    c) The vehicles in between shall be the convoy.
    The vehicle immediately behind the Trip Leader is responsible for closing the first gate by waiting until Tail End Charlie passes through. He then rejoins the convoy in front of Tail End Charlie.The new vehicle immediately behind the Trip Leader is then responsible for closing the next gate and falls in line in front of Tail End Charlie, etc.
    Consequently the members of the convoy (except Trip Leader   and Tail End Charlie) take turns at closing the gates.
  7. If you want the vehicle in front of you to stop, flash your headlights.
  8. All litter must be taken home.
  9. Always keep the vehicle immediately behind you in sight.
  10. Should you lose sight of the vehicle behind you STOP until they can be seen again or catch up. This keeps the convoy together and ensures that it doesn’t get too spread out.
    If the vehicle behind you gets stuck we ask that you back up and help where possible.
  11. Tow balls MUST be removed for all runs.


The Southland Land Rover Club is proud of its excellent safety record over the last 45 [plus] years and always endeavours to uphold the highest safety standards in all areas of driving practice.

The club environment allows you to learn from the experience and knowledge of its members who are able to advise and support you with any technical situation or question. By travelling as an organised group you are able to access areas that would be impossible to access on your own safely. Being able to approach problems as a group ensures a safe resolution to any situation.

The club carries, on every trip, an emergency kit that includes first aid equipment, gps, emergency locater beacon and heart defibrillator.

Environmental awareness

The Southland Land Rover Club is aware of the environment that it visits. A ‘Tread Lightly’ policy is always followed, leaving as little evidence of our presence as possible. The club takes care to avoid sensitive areas such as alpine landscapes, swamps, waterways, sand dunes and riverbeds that are easily damaged by vehicles, and always stay on existing tracks in these areas. We respect the rights of other land users and their expectations.

The club respects the wishes of the owners of land that we pass through, always obtaining permission to use their land and always follow any requirements of the land owners. Gates are always left as found.

The club has been involved in environmental projects such as beach clean ups and track maintenance, as well as making our vehicles and drivers available to emergency services when required.


Another vital reason for an association is the social contact made between the wide cross-sections of 4WD enthusiasts around the country. This is encouraged through inter-club events, team recoveries and winch challenges.