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Trip Report - Nevis Road

To go, or not to go? That was the question. Snow predictions down to some
600m for today earlier in the week had filled us with just a little trepidation I
must admit. However, with conditions looking better on the weather front today, bolstered not insubstantially by our front seat passenger’s
cell phone weather app, meant the confidence level certainly ramped up a notch or two and we decided yes, we would indeed go.

After all, how difficult could it be? Light was certainly on our side today! So it was that a group of six trucks gathered, eager (we supposed) for the off.
Adding a little interest and excitement to the day, as it turned out we did get snow. All of one inch or so of it! We ran into it a tad bit shy of the ski hut where it was noticed one tough/brave/slightly ‘unhinged’ (you choose) member was actually wearing shorts!
By the time we reached the ruins of the two old huts by the dredge lake where we made a brief stop, we’d left the snow well behind us and we saw precious little of it for the rest of the day.

The water level through the ford crossings through the Nevis were generally pretty low and uneventful to all who passed through. Our next customary stop was at the ruins of the old hotel, after which we made a stop for lunch on the banks of the Nevis River, just over the bridge at the Nevis Crossing. Autumn colours up to this point were well advanced with some of the trees still partially clad in autumn finery, while others were already completely nude. While we ate, the sun poked its nose out a bit and a few dare devil patches of blue sky even managed to put in a bit of a brave appearance among the whiter puffier stuff also, meaning our lunch break was not too unpleasant a spot in which stop, all-in-all.
After lunch the winding climb up was as pleasant as usual with only a light dusting of snow/frost at the summit of Duffers Saddle (altitude 1,275metres or 4,783 ft).